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TRX: Total Body Resistance Training

TRX: Total-Body Resistance Exercise


  • TRX training provides an effective total-body workout; it improves the work of your cardiovascular system and releases tension in muscles

  • You use gravity and your bodyweight to perform exercises

  • Exercises allow motion in three dimensions which is impossible to achieve with any other fitness equipment.


  • Every workout challenges body core – i.e. abdomen, abs, back, chest, and pelvis area. Core helps your body keep stability and stay flexible.

  • With TRX, you are in control of how intense your training is by adjusting your body position to add or decrease resistance.

  • Strong and stable core is critical if you want to prevent injuries.

No matter what activity we engage in on a daily basis, it will always have an impact on our core or “active core” whether it is vacuuming, washing your car, playing basketball, doing sports for fun (golf, tennis, etc.), or getting ready for a real competition.

Where does TRX come from?

TRX was originally invented by the American military that needed a versatile full-body workout system working even in extreme conditions and limited space.

The TRX is a suspension training system using your own body weight to build strength, power, flexibility, balance, and mobility. With the precision and core control pilates emphasizes, each workout gives you a full body workout while maintaining alignment with proper form using core engagement. Perfect for all fitness levels and particularly athletes.

What Clients at MOVE! Are Saying:

“TRX is an important part of my fitness routine. It is a unique combination of Pilates/Yoga moves and body resistance strength training. As a part of my restorative fitness program, I stretch muscles that are challenged in other classes like BodyPump and as part of my strength training, TRX has helped me increase my overall fitness level. Most importantly, TRX focuses on core and keeps me strong and stable in and outside the gym. Ann Kahn is extremely well versed in TRX and challenges us during every class. She alternates the focus from week to week, keeping us motivated and working different muscle groups. She offers modifications for safety along with those designed to push us to new levels - all in a fun atmosphere. I highly recommend adding TRX with Ann Kahn to any fitness program!” - Lisa M.

“TRX is the perfect complement to both Pilates and group classes. TRX allows me to work each group of muscles using my own body weight and flexibility. Ann is very motivating and keeps the class engaged by creating new themes and varying exercises for each class.” - Traci N.

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