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BeyondBarre: Not your daughter’s ballet class!

What is BeyondBarre? BeyondBarre is a workout to focus on the entire body. It helps you gain balance, stability and agility. BeyondBarre’s format helps lengthen and strengthen your body. This total body contouring class is low impact with ballet barre muscle isolations to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. I find this class format both exhilarating and rewarding for both myself and my clients.

The BeyondBarre workout is a focus on proper body alignment to produce optimum body-transforming results while avoiding strain and injury. BeyondBarre’s neutral stance helps your lower back and maintains flexible hip flexors which reduces the overall stress on your joints. As I had found growing older I noticed my joints would hurt terribly after any time I was running, jumping, or doing any high impact workout. My background as an instructor only began a little over a year and a half ago. Before my instructor years I was a dancer in multiple styles, cheerleader, competition cheerleader and gymnast.

I found BeyondBarre just over six years ago and fell in love immediately. I was on the search for a lower impact workout that still gave you the results you long for while feeling gratitude and accomplishment. I gained confidence, flexibility, strength, and long lean lines instead of bulking. I felt sexy and proud of my body that has changed throughout my years. BeyondBarre helps slim and strengthen while improving your overall flexibility and cardiovascular health.

Please join Kim for BeyondBarre on Tuesdays at 7.10p, Thursdays at 10a and 6p, Fridays at 9.30 and Saturdays at 9a

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