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As long as I can move, I will be practicing Pilates!

“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.” – Joseph Pilates

This Pilates quote taps into the true spirit of Pilates: synergy of mind, body and spirit. Pilates demands concentration, connection with your body, focus on breathing. It’s truly an integrative exercise technique. I first discovered Pilates in 2004. I was quickly hooked even continuing to practice through both of my pregnancies. I started taking classes at move!, both mat & on the equipment, in 2007 and have been a client ever since.

My core strength, spinal stability & flexibility I have gained through my Pilates exercises benefit me through every task of my day – physically demanding or not. As I sit at my desk and work I sit tall, core engaged, shoulders down my back. This is a habit. When I bike, my energy comes from my powerhouse which increases my endurance. As I lift groceries out of the car, my core fires first, and all movement of my limbs generates from my center. So I am free from risk of injury or strain. As long as I can move I will be doing Pilates!

I was excited to pass my passion for Pilates onto others so I became certified to teach in 2010 through Pilates Institute of America (PIA). In 2014 I became certified to teach mat at Power Pilates in NYC which allowed me to teach at my favorite studio!

My Foundation Pilates class is a fun challenge as I have clients with varying levels of experience and ability levels. Exercises are slowed down in my class so alignment and precision can be the focus. My format incorporates additional balance techniques in conjunction with the classical Pilates order.

Watching my clients build strength & confidence each week is incredibly rewarding. One of these super strong clients is Leslie Dondarski.

Leslie is a massage therapist and credits Pilates for enhancing many aspects of her life including her career. Before Leslie begins to work with each of her clients she centers herself with her Pilates techniques: deep cleansing breaths, shoulders down her back, abdominals engaged, stands tall, etc. It is from her core that her strength in her massage technique originates. Pilates helps provide Leslie with good body mechanics so she can avoid fatigue and injury at her job. As a busy mother, wife, & massage therapist, Leslie continues to make staying active and Pilates a steadfast commitment in her life. She has been loyal to Pilates for 11 years and she never misses her classes. Her greatest challenge in class involves extension with “Swan”. But ask her to do “Neck Pull” and she’s all smiles!

I am grateful for Leslie because her easy going nature means she’s always up for a new challenge. I admire Leslie’s commitment to her health. She brings warmth and good vibes to each and every one of my classes!

Adding Pilates to your physical fitness routine means gaining benefits long after you walk out of class including muscles you didn’t know you had, increased flexibility, better balance and energy! Come join us and get hooked!


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