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What We Offer

Renew, restore, and recharge with the purespace family. Bring your health to the next level with our small group classes or our private and small-group Pilates training to help transform your health and feel great!


Looking for an opportunity to work out with friends in a small setting with up to five people?


Click here to see our offerings and here to schedule yourself.

Private Sessions

Feeling like a one on one is the right fit for you?

Click here to see how we can customize your session. 

Semi-Private Sessions

Looking for an opportunity to work out with 2-3 friends in a small setting?


Click here to see how our smaller group training can benefit you!

Series & Workshops

Our studio is always bringing new ideas, opportunities, and programs to our clients and our community.


Stay tuned to our latest happenings by clicking here and seeing what is up next for our #squad.

Massage & Reiki

Looking for relaxation? You've found it! 

Our massage and reiki professionals can do it all- in person or virtual- and you won't feel any better! 

Click here to learn more about our space and to learn about pricing an how to get yourself scheduled for bliss.


Have a friend, spouse, family member or other favorite person you want to work out with? We can make that happen! 

Click here and send us a message about you and your special someone, and we can match you with an instructor and a format of your choice.

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