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How do you define WELLNESS?

owners Michelle Els & Sarah Jacobs

The Philosophy Behind "Redefining Wellness"

The world today is an internet-driven, high-paced environment. As we go through our days, we are always searching for ways to individualize and customize our lifestyle. When it comes to health and overall well-being, “lifestyle” takes on a very significant meaning. Even the term wellness has a different meaning to different people, and achieving wellness usually begins with the person who is defining it for himself or herself. 

The owners of purespace have purposefully created a studio which embodies the belief that customization must be applied to fitness and cannot be focused simply on the exercise itself, but must provide a community environment, tailored to each participant, which is unique compared to the typical "cookie-cutter" approach taken by other facilities. 

What is special about purespace?  Owners Michelle Els and Sarah Jacobs say it is about the "more" that the studio offers. In order to provide clients with a true focus on wellness, purespace offerings span well beyond traditional exercise classes.  The studio offers expert guidance along with a network of professionals who provide clients with a full spectrum of wellness options. 

Michelle and Sarah first took ownership of the studio in February 2014, taking over move! from prior owners Aaron Ellis and Kurt Gesteland. Over the nearly seven years since the ownership changed hands, Els and Jacobs have pushed the boundaries of the studio to promote the idea that a person develops from the inside out, and that one should focus on the "whole" rather than its parts. 

Els and Jacobs, together with their husbands, Tim and Scott, first changed the motto of the studio to a "lifestyle revolution". It was important to them to let the community, and potential new clients,  know that the studio wasn't just a place to change the body, but a place to help the body connect to the mind, soul, other community members, and to create a fuller lifestyle for anyone who walked through their doors. 


The female-led team has now pushed a little harder. Els and Jacobs have rebranded the studio, calling it purespace, with a focus on redefining wellness.  The studio first saw its current direction from Ellis and Gesteland when they opened the doors to a Pilates studio, attracting high quality instructors. Over the years the studio has expanded its footprint to include other forms of fitness. 

Consistent with their vision, the lineup for purespace created by Els and Jacobs offers an array of strength, stability, stretch, cardio, and restorative options. 

The studio offers high level Pilates instruction at the cozy fireplace-laden and wood-beamed converted Victorian.The team offer Reformer privates/semi-privates, Tower and Mat classes and extend that personal customized attention during semi-private and private sessions. 

The studio also got a “zen” face lift when Yoga instructors joined the lineup, enabling purespace to offer an array of yoga classes including Vinyasa Flow and a gentler Hatha-style option. Yogis on the purespace team help further the focus on the mind-body connection. 

Want more? purespace offers original barre programs taught by dance professionals. Focusing on both strength and cardio options, the foundational class will work all your muscles and your heart! TRX is a total body workout that can be strength based, cardio, based, and both have been known to combine it with Pilates or yoga infusion for an extra dose of core focus! Spinning, an all-body low impact cardio, is a staple at the studio. 

The studio created the unique purespace offerings which rotate through the lineup. Personal training is also offered. 

What then, sets purespace apart from any other boutique studio? There is no question the owners believe it is the community the space encourages and reflects. Clients know each other and instructors know their clients by name. The clients trade stories. They share life events, likes, dislikes, and support for each other.  A nutritionist is a friend of the gym and is available for consultations. purespace  redefines wellness, enhances the community, and changes lives. 

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