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Lunge Forward

Hey fitness junkies. How excited are we ALL that spring is finally on the way? This is such a fantastic time of year to reset many goals in our life and find a feeling of balance and strength. To lunge forward with a fresh start and begin a new journey…that amazing feeling of renewal and excitement for what lies ahead as you travel forward on a new path.

Last spring I decided to take a leap of faith and begin a new journey myself by becoming a certified Les Mills Pump instructor. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. The feeling of challenging myself with something completely foreign to my world – teaching! Taking the leap from client to instructor! Learning and incorporating this newfound knowledge and change into my life was exhilarating. And guess what? I found out that it brought so much joy and happiness not just to me, but to my family as well. My daughters watched their mother transform in mind, body and spirit. They saw my desire to improve myself and the belief I have in my own value as a person and the passion I have to share this with others. They saw their mom take on something new with determination and they encouraged and supported me the entire time… and they still do to this day. But my journey will always continue: As I learned how much I love teaching group fitness, I also became a certified Pound instructor and the combination of both formats, Pump and Pound, are the perfect match for me.

I know in my heart that this experience has been so much more impactful, profound and positive than I could imagine because of the unconditional love and support of my entire family. By the unbelievable belief and nonstop support of Michelle and Sarah and each and every one of you….my rock solid move! family. It felt like all of you knew I could do this and be successful way before I knew!

I was also given a gift. The opportunity to learn from, team teach with and be supported by some of the most amazing instructors around, such as Evelyn, Michelle, Aaron, Kurt, Robin, Terri, etc… The list is endless. I am definitely one lucky girl.

It is such a privilege to step into the studio with you each and every time and I love teaching and sharing such meaningful and downright FUN moments with you. That moment in our day where we focus on ourselves and each other. The energy and passion we share is powerful, inspiring and motivating. Friendships have been formed, goals have been set and new journeys are constantly beginning.

I have found that it is key to surround yourself with people who are on the same mission as you, people who look to improve their lifestyle and simply BE HAPPY. That happiness is contagious. We have already fallen in love with taking care of ourselves and our families and want to pass this feeling forward to the world.

Being good to yourself is worth it. You are worth it. It makes us better moms, wives, women, friends, daughters…just better people all around adding beauty and positivity to our world. So let’s keep taking great care of ourselves and I’ll see ya next time at move! So that means tomorrow, like NOW so get moving and I’ll see you in class!

“Coming together is essential. Staying together is commitment. Working together is powerful.”

-Jani Roberts

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