Pilates will change your life!

March 1, 2016




I can honestly say that Pilates has changed my life.  In 2007, as a client of Move, I  took my first Pilates class. I LOVED it!!  After a few sessions, I knew I wanted to  become a Pilates Instructor to pass this incredible exercise modality to others. I  obtained my comprehensive Pilates certification from Power Pilates NYC in 2008.   My certification was obtained over 8 months which included 800 hours of instruction, observance, and teaching. I have since been practicing and teaching Pilates including reformer, chair, mat, tower, and barrels here at Move!  Because of  Pilates, I found a career that I love.  Eight years and over 2000 classes later I feel  stronger, more flexible and able to do EVERYTHING that I have always loved  doing...and then some!


One of my clients  Dan, has  that same  love and  appreciation of Pilates as I do. He is an interesting man who has done a lot in his life. Dan has always been active. He  played ice hockey, golf, tennis, squash and softball. He did both alpine and cross  country skiing and snowshoeing. He was a cattle rancher in Montana.  Dan is also a  pilot, firefighter, and race car driver.  As you can imagine, his body took a beating  over the years!  He began his Pilates practice in Montana about 10 years ago when  his chiropractor/acupuncturist recommended he try it for his spinal arthritis. As he started practicing, he realized the benefits he was deriving from it.  When he moved back East, he found Move, and has been a client ever since. Dan told me that he wish he knew about Pilates early on because of the power and flexibility that it offers. He  can't imagine how anyone who is a serious athlete wouldn't benefit from practicing  Pilates.


Dan told me that he wish he knew about Pilates early on because of the power and flexibility that it offers. He can't imagine how anyone who is a serious athlete wouldn't benefit from practicing Pilates.


Dan also loves the mind body connection that is an important part of Pilates.Because movement is done with concentration and control from a strong core,injuries are prevented.






Even though he's a bit older now, Dan still plays golf, softball, flies planes, and drives his race car. He confidently says Pilates has enabled him to do these thing. He hasn’t had back pain in five years, and he sleeps better then ever. 


When I asked him what his favorite Pilates exercise was, he said all of them! He loves the challenge of a new exercise in the beginning, and then having a sense of accomplishment a few weeks later!


To quote Joseph Pilates, “ you are only as young as your spine is flexible”. I  encourage everyone to get out there and move!  Do the activities you love: dance, ski, golf, hike, run, swim, and play tennis. Continue your other exercise programs  such as spinning, yoga, weight training, and HIIT.  Dan and I both encourage you to add a Pilates session or two each week. You will feel  the increased strength, flexibility, and body awareness that Pilates offers. We promise this will enhance your activities and your life!  


Live your life healthy and strong. ...Oh, and don't forget to have fun !!

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